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At Agility, we live by the principles of Honesty, Independence, and Accountability. Our commitment involves providing transparent and impartial advice, thriving on open communication. We take pride in delivering award-winning end-to-end telecoms services. Connect with and meet our team to experience a partnership founded on these core principles.

Agility – “the ability to move quickly and easily”

Who are we?

Our History

At Agility, we embody a commitment to cutting-edge communication solutions. As your Telecoms partner, we assure you of industry-leading service and solutions, always staying one step ahead of your needs. Our in-house specialists manage your technical requirements seamlessly, providing end-to-end technology and connectivity management. With robust voice and technology services, we keep you resilient and ahead of the curve. Our strong relationships with channel partners enable us to deliver the latest technology, positioning you for success. Experience Agility as an extension of your business, offering support for everything from relocation to cloud services and flexible working policies.


Our Team

Agility Communications Alan


Managing Director

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Digital Marketing Manager

Our Core Values

Agility’s core values ensure customer care is at the heart of our customer service.


We always provide our customers with honest, comprehensive and impartial advice. With over 20 years’ experience in working with SME customers and large corporates, open and honest conversations always lead to the best results for our clients.


Being independent of any network provider or ISP, we are totally committed to delivering the best solution for our customers. Having impartiality sets Agility apart from our competitors allowing you to choose your own network provider or ISP with no hassle or bias.


Accountability and trust go hand in hand and are absolutely paramount to a thriving relationship. With no trust, there is no accountability. By building trust through the journey with our customers, you can rely on Agility to be accountable from the first meeting to our quarterly customer reviews.

Why are we different?

We’ve developed a keen insight into what businesses in a range of industries need from their telecoms and we know how to support and empower businesses just like yours.


24/7/365: year-round support

5 9’s availability

Fully managed in-house solutions


Disaster Recovery Solution
Live Chat functionality
Experienced support from our engineering team


Multiple networks, one account, one bill

Change networks at any time

Customer access to Agility’s self-service portal

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