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There are exciting changes behind the scenes at Agility Comms

We’ve got some exciting news to share… We’ve joined forces with The Mailing Room to support your growth with even more essential business services!

For the last few months, we’ve been working hard to arrange the fusing of our business with another industry-leading solution provider, The Mailing Room. 

Who is The Mailing Room?

Since 1998, TMR have supported business through the supply and maintenance of franking machines, mailroom equipment and consumables. Thanks to their customer-focused approach they have become a market leader, which is one of the reasons our companies have bonded so well!

Now that the I’s are dotted and the T’s crossed, we’d love to share what this will mean for you.

Your existing services won’t change…

While this amalgamation will mean you can rely on us for even more aspects of your day-to-day operation, you can still expect the same responsive, client-focused service levels. As well as the same reliable solutions that enable your business to keep pace with requirements and stay one step ahead!

Take advantage of a wider portfolio…

Even in our age of digital communications, traditional business correspondence still plays a massive part. From franking machines and mail scanners to scales and shredders, our enhanced portfolio will enable you to get all your essential business technologies from one provider, making the entire process – from procurement to billing – far simpler. 

“Our new proposition will enable Agility Comms to continue providing reliable connectivity and future-proof communications across the UK, while also enabling us to cover all their wider franking and mailroom technology needs.” Alan Riddoch, Managing Director, Agility Comms

Prepare for the future…

The 2025 Switch Off is the biggest step-change in business communications since the introduction of the internet. In fact, one of the main reasons why Openreach is deactivating the PSTN and ISDN networks is to ensure the UK can embrace full fibre and take advantage of all the opportunities the internet – and more specifically, the Cloud – can offer!  

This will also have an impact on any franking machines in your business that currently use those PSTN and ISDN networks, but don’t worry, we have an entire team that can help there! 

“We’re looking forward to educating Agility’s customers on the challenges around 2025, as well as the financial and operational benefits of modern, Mailmark-compliant franking systems, to ensure they remain futureproof and supported in all their mailing needs.”  Mark Smith, Managing Director, The Mailing Room

We’ll share more exciting updates about our operation soon, so watch this space! If you have any questions, or would like to get to the front of the queue for any discussions around your particular needs, don’t hesitate to reach out on 0330 094 9030!