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LSE Retail Group

An upgrade of data speeds and mobile hardware to remain ahead of the curve was key to LSE Retail Group. Background LSE Retail Group are an online retailer of lighting for the home and commercial markets. We also have a trade division that sells directly to building trades, retailers and wholesalers. Problem / Requirements LSE […]

Crown Talent Group

Agility detailed call analysis and bespoke tariffs have reduced costs for Crown Talent & Media Group topped up with industry leading account management! Background Crown Talent are are an established group of creative companies, comprising an experienced 40+ strong team of dedicated professionals. Crown Talent are responsible for building the careers of their exceptional talent […]

Smith Bateson

Our tariff flexibility coupled with our proactive service team have saved Smith Bateson time and also money on their UK and International travel. Background Established in 1801, Smith Bateson is one of the UK’s leading paper and polythene distributors. Smith Bateson bring over 200 years of specialist experience in plain and printed point of sale […]

Scale Logistics

International calling recommendations on a monthly basis has been paramount in keeping our business mobile bill low. Background Scale Logistics offer bespoke solutions for cargo including chemicals, recycled commodities, general cargo and food stuffs. Problem / Requirements Due to the nature of the business, Scale Logistics required a business mobile plan that included international calling […]

Abbey Fire (UK) Ltd

Abbey Fire UK required a remote working strategy due to the onset of COVID-19. With a redundant on-premise phones system with no remote working functionality, a lack of customer support from their existing provider, Agility had Abbey Fire working from home within 24 hours. Background Abbey Fire (UK) Ltd is a rapidly growing company offering […]

Karl Schmidt UK

Agility introduced Karl Schmidt UK to the world of convergence by using Agility’s Hosted VOIP platform and a Multi-Network mobile agreement to ensure they are always connected, wherever they go. Background Karl Schmidt is a leading service provider for bulk logistics throughout Europe. With 2000 employees at 49 locations world-wide, Schmidt provide extensive one-source service […]

What a Year of WFH Has Done to Our Relationships at Work

Since we started working from home more than a year ago, we are fond of the time spent with coworkers having small conversations and bonding with colleagues as well as establishing trust and goodwill. Building social capital is what we call this, and when we draw on it, we get nowhere. An organization’s and individual’s […]

Digital Wellbeing through Technology

It can sometimes be difficult to focus on the things that matter most to us when technology plays an increasingly integral role in our everyday lives. Life should be improved, not disrupted by technology. If humans interact with technology, the experience should contribute to mental and physical wellbeing. The objective of improving digital wellbeing is […]

Ping, Latency, and Lag: What you need to know

You cannot afford to have a sluggish, or unreliable, internet connection when gaming. It is likely that you already know terms like jitter and ping rates, but still find it difficult to fully comprehend how they affect your gaming experience. You don’t have to worry – we’ll help you understand the difference between ping, jitter, […]

The Future of Mobile Security for Small Business

The smartphone and tablet have already become common workplace furnishings, buzzing and chirping beside the computer of the average employee. As part of the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy, employees bring their devices to the office and use them for work. We are already seeing a lot of BYOD. BYOD programs are common at […]