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Digital road map

We’ve got some exciting news to share… We’ve joined forces with The Mailing Room to support your growth with even more essential business services!

For the last few months, we’ve been working hard to arrange the fusing of our business with another industry-leading solution provider, The Mailing Room. 

Who is The Mailing Room?

Since 1998, TMR have supported business through the supply and maintenance of franking machines, mailroom equipment and consumables. Over the years, they’ve acquired multiple other specialists in the industry to expand their services and built the company into a market leader, thanks to their customer-focused approach, which is one of the reasons our companies have bonded so well! 

Now that the I’s are dotted and the T’s crossed, we’d love to share what this will mean for you.

So, here are the milestones you’ll need to consider over the coming 24 months, ending with the 2025 Switch Off:

1. Franking machines 

Even in our age of digital communications, good old mail still has its place. But could your franking hardware do with an upgrade? Chances are it will before the 2025 Switch Off to ensure it’s Wi-Fi compatible!

But that’s not all! Our new relationship enables us to deliver the best mail scanners, scales and shredders for your mailing needs, as well as managing the costs to make sure you’re getting true value for money. 

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2. Business mobile 

As we become ever more productive while on the go, making sure your business mobiles are as cost-efficient, secure and reliable as possible is vital! 

There are other things to consider too, like which network will be best for your area and the roles of your team, how you can protect business-critical data on those phones and prevent lost or damaged phones causing issues.

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3. Hosted phone systems

An internet-based hosted phone system doesn’t just enable you to deliver a secure and robust hybrid working strategy. 

A hosted system enables your team to collaborate better, be more efficient with their time and take advantage of more features than your typical ‘landline’. It also means your communications will be safe from the 2025 Switch Off!  

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4. Connectivity 

Your internet connection is quickly becoming one of the most essential services that sits at the foundation of your business. 

Without it, your team can’t communicate with each other, or with customers. In other words, your work can simply not get done, so it’s definitely worth investing in a connection that stays online 24/7, and can grow with your business. 

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5. IT support

Technical issues shouldn’t derail your operations or have teams wasting time trying to fix problems themselves. 

Having a knowledgeable and responsive team, ready at a moment’s notice, ensures that you can keep on serving customers, mitigating any negative effects of outages or downtime. 

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6. Cyber security

Businesses are relying on their internet connections for more than ever and with staff using more devices and internet connections to access all that information, it’s important that your network is well-protected.

Accreditations like Cyber Essentials don’t just prove that you have protections in place, they show that you take your data protection responsibilities seriously. And these kinds of certifications are being looked for by potential partners and future customers alike! 

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7. The 2025 Switch Off 

The 2025 Switch Off is probably the biggest change in business communications since the introduction of broadband! 

Essentially, the old ‘landline’ networks that are officially known as PSTN and ISDN will be switched off for good. That’s because these copper-based networks were simply never designed to handle the amount of traffic and bandwidth required for businesses in the modern, connected world.

You’ve probably heard the terms ‘FTTP’, which stands for Fibre to the Premises and Full Fibre, which means the same thing. These services are the new standard in broadband technology, enabling speeds up to 1Gbps, allowing you to adopt all the cloud-based services you need to compete with your rivals and deliver the best service possible! 

If you want to learn more about Full Fibre, the 2025 Switch Off and what that means for your business, feel free to call us on 0330 094 9030 and we can work together to plan your digital roadmap for the coming years.