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How a single supplier for your business IT infrastructure makes everything easier

Think of your weekly (maybe monthly?) food shop… Would you make the effort to visit all the big brands to get the best deals on your potatoes and beans, saving precious pennies, or would you prefer to save a lot of time and get them all from one place?

Your business is no different…

Finding the right partner – especially an MSP – that can fulfil all your business’s IT needs doesn’t just save you time, there are plenty of other benefits in leveraging a single supplier. And contrary to our food-shop example above, saving money is one of them! 

What’s an MSP?

MSP stands for Managed Service Provider, which means they can do far more than simply sell you an internet connection or phone system. MSPs manage the services they provide, or at least some of them, so that you have one less thing to worry about from day to day.  

MSPs also tend to have far more knowledge and experience than your typical business-focused internet service provider, so they are better suited to advising on, and solving your challenges, whether they’re urgent outages or strategic planning for the future. 

Agility Comms is a fully-fledged Managed Service Provider. Book a call to discuss how we can support your business growth, or keep on reading for more info on our key benefits!

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Seven reasons to work with an MSP

1. Reduce downtime

Gartner research suggests that the cost of downtime could be as much as thousands of pounds per minute, depending on the size of your business. Even in smaller operations, downtime can easily prevent sales and bring productivity to a halt! 

An MSP helps prevent downtime by keeping a vigilant eye on your network, watching for any unusual behaviour. They’ll also ensure that all your devices and software are kept up-to-date, so that everything works as smoothly as possible.

If the worst did happen, they’d also have their expert team ready to identify what happened, and ensure the issue is fully resolved and never happens again!

2. Tap a team of experts

IT and Telecoms technology evolves at such a fast pace, it’s hard to keep on top of all the new products and innovations entering the market. 

Not only will an MSP already know all that – saving you precious research time – but also employs a range of specialists, from networking to security, procurement to solution design. This means you can leverage far more technological wisdom than hiring an expert in-house. It’s far cheaper than employing a specialist too, which brings us to our next point! 

3. Save money

MSPs will have relationships with multiple vendors for all kinds of technologies. So (if we go back to our shopping metaphor), you don’t need to shop around because your MSP will do it for you! 

That knowledge and wisdom will also ensure you get the right product for your needs, meaning no wasted spend or frustrations in using a solution that isn’t fit-for-purpose. 

4. Only one contact necessary

No more wondering whether you need to call this supplier or that – with an MSP looking after your entire tech stack, you only have one port of call for any conversations you need to have. 

No more repeating the same information to two entities, only for them to blame each other, or finding out your supplier is no longer in business either! 

5. Out-of-hours support

If you hire in-house, what will happen if an issue occurs outside of their daily hours? In business-critical situations, you won’t want to wait until 9 am the next morning, especially if you run a global operation, or rely on your website for e-commerce orders!

6. More time

One of the best benefits of working with an MSP is your newfound ability to scale up and down, and meet the challenges of each day. With so much support at your fingertips, your team will have more time to focus on their tasks. 

You’ll also be able to open new sites quicker, offloading technical aspects to your MSP, as well as other strategic planning conversations that would otherwise take your time. 

7. Future-proofing

Planning for the future is inherently hard, because it’s unpredictable. But, MSPs live and breath technology, so they’ll know the future challenges that could derail your business growth!

Check out our digital roadmap to make sure you’re future-proof!

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Take for example the 2025 Switch Off, which is when the copper-based PSTN and ISDN networks that you may know better as ‘the landline’ will be switched off. Better solutions, that route calls through your internet connection, are already available and could be taken advantage of tomorrow… if you only knew! 

What to look for in an MSP

  • When searching for an MSP worth their salt, listen to your gut instinct.
  • If you’re asking questions in early sales interactions and you’re not getting confident answers, or they seem hesitant to agree to your needs, walk away. 
  • If they don’t have accreditations in the systems you use, then they’re not for you. 
  • When you get passed from pillar to post for what should be simple issues, then it’s time to look elsewhere. 
  • If they don’t take an interest in your business, its growth and the experience of your staff then you can find a better partner. 
  • That better partner is Agility Comms. 

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