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How Cloud Telephone Systems can help your Small Business

A reliable and easy-to-use phone system is essential for every small business. Communication is essential for employees and employers alike to stay connected, deliver projects on time, and provide great experiences for customers.
Nowadays, it is more complicated than ever to choose the right phone system for your business. Employee communication has fundamentally changed, and that’s impossible to ignore.
These days, businesses have to deal with more communication tools, such as email, IM apps, mobile, and social media. Traditional methods of communication are outmoded. Businesses must be able to use communications tools that are compatible. Standard phone systems do not consider this.
What is Cloud Telephony?
The cloud telephone sometimes referred to as cloud calling, is a method of unified communication that uses a third-party host for voice communication.
In this way, users can make or receive telephone calls directly from their computers, laptops, or mobile devices with an internet connection, thus replacing the need for traditional business telephone systems like handsets and PBX boxes.
Cloud telephony includes the following essential and popular features:
• Voice response
• Recordings
• Conference calls
• Custom pleasantries
Benefits of a Cloud-Based Phone System for Business
Businesses everywhere are enjoying the benefits of a cloud-based phone system, whether they are small businesses on the go or giant corporations serving a large volume of clients.

  1. Cost-effectiveness
    Cloud-based phone solutions can reduce your communication costs. Because they only rely on your internet connection, they are far less expensive than traditional telephone systems on-premise.
    Switching to a cloud-based phone system can save you money on:
    • Investing in a PBX (private branch exchange) on-premises
    • Ongoing expense
    • Additional features that can be quite expensive
    VoIP solutions can reduce your phone bill by up to 60%. Local numbers are free and toll-free, and international calls are inexpensive because of free local numbers and toll-free numbers. Landlines simply do not offer the same value.
  2. Easy setup and implementation
    Your phone system shouldn’t stifle your growth. It can be time-consuming and costly to scale your business with traditional phone systems. You must add lines and ports for every new employee, which can take weeks. Productivity is lost during those weeks.
    Your business can expand at any time by using a cloud-based phone system. Communication will stay up and running even as your business grows. As soon as a virtual phone system is in place, your employees’ collaboration and productivity will significantly increase.
  3. Improved performance and trustworthiness
    Even when a disaster strikes, your business will be able to keep running with the help of a cloud-based phone system. Hurricanes, cyber attacks, and human error are some of the factors that can negatively impact your business.
    Preparing for such risks will make sure your information is protected and your customers are not disappointed. For an on-premise PBX to function, it must be installed at one location. Companies can’t afford that level of risk.
    The cloud-based phone system relies on redundancies and data centers. Another data center will take over if one goes down, so your day-to-day operations will still proceed uninterrupted.
  4. Better customer service
    Low prices are indeed an advantage. In today’s market, this is often not enough to set you apart from the competition. Customers expect good service from your team.
    Receiving positive feedback from your customers is critical for growing your business and improving your SEO performance.
    Here are some statistics from recent customer service studies:
    • Positive reviews influence 90% of customers in purchasing decisions
    • After a good vendor experience, 24% still seek them out two or more years later
    • After a positive customer service experience, 52% of customers say they are more likely to make another purchase.
    This suggests a positive customer experience can increase business growth and retention. Invest in cloud-based phone systems to reduce customer service shortcomings.
  5. It keeps your business mobile
    Due to poor customer communication, many small businesses risk losing business. Businesses can keep in constant contact with clients thanks to a cloud-based phone system, which ensures uninterrupted operations. As well, environmental factors have a very limited impact on such platforms, enabling staff to work even during severe weather when reporting for work may be impossible.
    By enabling call management features, cloud-based systems increase customer satisfaction. Business decisions can be improved and customer experience can be boosted using customer call data.
  6. Portability
    With Cloud-based phone solutions, you can operate the phone system from anywhere as long as you have Internet access. Businesses with remote offices will greatly benefit from these solutions. Regardless of your location, you can configure your voicemail settings and browse your company’s call history.
    The majority of providers offer mobile apps for PBXs and VoIPs so employees can use them on their smartphones and tablets. It allows remote team members to collaborate in real-time about arranging conference calls, sending text messages, and managing their phone settings.
  7. Gives advantage to small businesses
    Cloud telephony is easy to use and affordable. Using it, small businesses can produce more efficiently and faster than before. With less time spent managing their phones, employees can focus on activities that add value to their work.
    Small businesses can focus on increasing sales and satisfying customers with a cloud-based phone system. Cloud-based phone systems are straightforward and efficient, so you don’t have to spend a lot of time learning how to use them. It’s also easy to maintain, so it doesn’t take a lot of time.
    Small businesses benefit from cloud telephony because it offers greater flexibility, greater control, and lower total costs of operation.
  8. Global reputation for your brand
    Small companies may find it difficult to reach out to new markets due to their lack of company reputation. A cloud-based communication system is similar to a mirror, which reflects one’s image larger than it is.
    The same principle applies to small businesses, to give your company that legitimacy. It would be wonderful if your communication platform answered all your calls and directed them to the appropriate person. You can even get international phone numbers, so you can establish a presence abroad.
    By reducing the physical infrastructure that technical staff must manage, cloud telephone systems reduce frustration. Users can easily add and manage users with simple tools, which makes the whole process a lot faster and easier.
    For small businesses, cloud-based communication is an ideal solution. With this knowledge, you may decide to switch to this software to compete successfully with large businesses.