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Smith Bateson

Our tariff flexibility coupled with our proactive service team have saved Smith Bateson time and also money on their UK and International travel.


Established in 1801, Smith Bateson is one of the UK’s leading paper and polythene distributors. Smith Bateson bring over 200 years of specialist experience in plain and printed point of sale packaging to the retailer.

Problem / Requirements

Smith Bateson were receiving great coverage from their current provider, but felt frustrated dealing with the network directly.

The frustrations stemmed from slow responses, the inability to send emails to the provider for updates, slow response times and no grasp of the current business requirements.

Due to Smith Bateson being happy with the current mobile provider, there was no requirement to change network and Agility were required to find a solution that fitted this need.


Agility provided the option for the customer to remain on their existing network which as a result meant Smith Bateson could keep all existing SIM Cards and there would be no porting required to move over to Agility. 

Smith Bateson was provided with a tariff that was suitable for each individual in the business ranging from the drivers, sales team and the Managing Director of the business. 

In addition, analysis of the current bills were carried out by the Agility billing team and we recommended a new tariff to Smith Bateson which was available with their existing provider, but was never brought to light due to the lack of account management. 

Client Testimonial

“I was approached by Alan from Agility as a potential provider of our mobile phones.

We are business with 50 staff & have always dealt directly with one of the main carriers with the usual associated slow responses, offshore call centres & lack of business requirements.

Alan provided a cost saving & flexible offer to our business, with additional details about how the contract could be tailored to the business during its term, if needed.

This has proved to be required due to changes in the operational aspects of our business due to the Covid-19 work from home requirements, additional lines were put on, data packages were changed to suit the fast moving requirements of the business.

All done quickly, without fuss or waiting for endless wasted business hours onto a call centre that has no concept of your requirements.

I would have no reservations in recommending Agility Communications to be a provider of network services, you will only see cost savings in terms of calls but a reduction of time wasted.”

Nick McKuhen

General Manager

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