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LSE Retail Group

An upgrade of data speeds and mobile hardware to remain ahead of the curve was key to LSE Retail Group.


LSE Retail Group are an online retailer of lighting for the home and commercial markets. We also have a trade division that sells directly to building trades, retailers and wholesalers.

Problem / Requirements

LSE Retail Group had ageing mobile devices that required an upgrade to latest operating systems. Being a technology led business, having the fastest data speeds and applications is absolutely key. 

A consolidation of direct internet connections into Head Office was also required due to the use of multiple technologies which were not yielding the best possible results for the business. 

The requirement was to have one supplier for all mobile and connectivity requirements, rather than contacting multiple suppliers.


Agility arranged a whiteboard session with LSE Retail’s IT team to ascertain what the current issues were and what the ultimate goal and objectives were. 

As a result, Agility proposed installing a high speed dedicated internet connection into head office and also as a failover, the installation of a broadband connection with 4G as a failover to ensure the business has three points of failure and will always remain connected.

There was a complete hardware refresh on the mobile side of the agreement to ensure LSE Retail Group stay ahead of the curve and employees can access business critical applications wherever they are across the globe.

Client Testimonial

“Since the installation of the direct internet connection, the upgrade in the bandwidth we received has really given the business the extra capacity we required due to the increase in the use of cloud-applications over the last couple of years.

The installation was swift and professional and we were able to take advantage of the technology within 45 days of the signed agreement with Agility.

Having one contact for all our mobile and connectivity requirements is really helpful and saves me dealing with multiple suppliers, which ultimately requires more time.

A special thanks to the support team at Agility who are always on hand to help and have a rapid response times to any question we have.”

Luke Ivison

Systems Manager

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