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Karl Schmidt UK

Agility introduced Karl Schmidt UK to the world of convergence by using Agility’s Hosted VOIP platform and a Multi-Network mobile agreement to ensure they are always connected, wherever they go.


Karl Schmidt is a leading service provider for bulk logistics throughout Europe. With 2000 employees at 49 locations world-wide, Schmidt provide extensive one-source service for our customers and clients when transporting, storing and handling bulk goods. In addition, the SCHMIDT Group is active in the construction of logistics facilities for free-flowing bulk goods.

Problem / Requirements

When moving offices, a key concern is to ensure you keep the same marketing number. Karl Schmidt were moving to a different location which meant they wanted to keep their existing number which they could no longer do if they remained on their legacy phone system.

– The company required a scalable solution so they can add new starters within 12 hours on the Agility VOIP platform
– Karl Schmidt also required the flexibility to be able change mobile networks at any time during the agreement..
– Being a cloud-first business, Karl Schmidt also required a reliable internet connection


Business continuity was paramount during the office move, so a move to a cloud-based telephony solution was key. This meant that they were able to keep their existing geographic numbers but were also able to make receiving calls using their smartphones during the installation to ensure there was no downtime for the business and they could still receive calls from their customers. 

When developing a business case for internal stakeholders, the option of CAPEX a new on-premise phone system wasn’t the best route for Karl Schmidt and the benefit of a fixed cost monthly price of Agility Voice was much more attractive. 

The mobile solution was delivered by our in-house porting team and now benefit from using Agility Mobile-Multinet where they can change network at any time during their agreement with no termination fees. 

Karl Schmidt also decided to take advantage of the Agility “Combine and Save” offering where they included their mobile contract within the overall solution which led to:

– Reduced operational costs from combining, Mobile, Telephony & Connectivity
– Dedicated Customer Support Manager to manage all aspects of their telecoms estate
– Fully integrated Unified Communications solution for mobiles and telephony to ensure the customer never misses a call. 

All of this was supported over Dedicated High Speed Fibre Broadband to provide business grade speeds, whilst delivering the best in-class voice technology.

Client Testimonial

“In the past 12 months Karl Schmidt UK has gone through some big changes including re-locating the UK branch to Widnes, Cheshire. 

To do this, the business needed a significant telecoms upgrade and the advice and guidance we received from the Agility Comms was invaluable. 

Our new premises needed a considerable technology upgrade which was handled by Agility and they ensured that all the required equipment was installed and vigorously tested prior to our moving date. 

The support we have received during this time has been invaluable and we continue to have a great working relationship”

Paul O’Connor

Business Manager

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