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Abbey Fire (UK) Ltd

Abbey Fire UK required a remote working strategy due to the onset of COVID-19. With a redundant on-premise phones system with no remote working functionality, a lack of customer support from their existing provider, Agility had Abbey Fire working from home within 24 hours.


Abbey Fire (UK) Ltd is a rapidly growing company offering full UK coverage on a range of fire & safety products to large retailers, restaurants and pubs across the UK.

Problem / Requirements

Abbey Fire were receiving a sub-par service from their previous provider from a large UK Telecommunications provider.

A lack of account management, reviews and responsiveness was a constant source of frustration.

The onset of COVID-19 led to Abbey Fire preparing to send their office staff to work from home, but with no remote working technology or strategy


Agility’s solutions team arranged a couple of whiteboarding sessions with Abbey Fire to conduct a deep dive into their existing infrastructure, service requirements and telephony needs. 

Upon deploying a trial to test our technology, Agility then installed the solution within 24 hours of signing the agreement and Abbey Fire were receiving calls through their new cloud-based telephony system whilst working from home and keeping their employees safe. 

In addition, Abbey Fire has a dedicated customer support manager and this means any time Abbey Fire (UK) needs support, they simply call Agility and we will handle the call.

Client Testimonial

“I must apologise in not writing this earlier, but with everything going on I have to say it’s sad that I have not prioritised in thanking you for the way your company has supported Abbey Fire. 

I am not exaggerating when I say if it wasn’t for Agility our company would have been badly affected in having to isolate our staff. As it was, we were able to isolate our people quicker and more efficiently than we could ever dream for. 

From the moment we made the decision to change to Agility we have had constant support whether it was simple directions in using the equipment or more difficult problems Agility have supported us 100%.

Our customers really have been impressed when we are able to transfer their call as usually they have to wait and get the person to ring them back. Being able to have conference meetings is a real asset and a great time saver.

Alan you said in your presentation that Agility would look after our company as you were hands on and care for each company. I have to say being in sales for over 30 years that it was just sales talk, however refreshingly, your statement has been verified by Agility time and time again, everything we ask for it is sorted straight away.

Alan and Stephen I hope you are very proud of your business because you should be.

Thanks again for working with Abbey Fire.”

Peter Robinson


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