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Microsoft Teams Integration in VoIP: What You Need to Know

As a unified communications platform, Microsoft Teams is designed to assist users who work for companies to effectively collaborate and communicate in different ways. It makes it possible for intelligent communication through various mediums such as email, document storage, chat, video meetings, and app integration from any location, enabling a team to communicate from anywhere. 

It is a standard platform that allows users to have free audio and video calls – by using calling apps. It is also reported to have great conferencing and collaboration features that make it appealing. Users love it!

When it comes to collaboration tools, Teams are regarded as the game changer! It brings a regular Office business suite together with communication tools to enable collaboration among group members. 

Furthermore, it permits integration with VoIP, creating a unique collaborative workstation by combining written and voice communications. It does this by:

  • Combining business phone system with the collaborative features offered by Microsoft Teams
  • Keeping all existing phone numbers secured
  • Combining conversations, both written or spoken into the one space
  • Enabling you to make and receive calls on any device, whether mobile, PC or Mac
  • Permitting quick and easy implementation
  • Removing the need to use extra additional hardware or software
  • Providing quality security and end-to-end encryption
  • Retaining the full receptionist or IVR function of the company
  • Enabling remote work and collaboration 

By integrating Microsoft Teams in VoIP, you’ll get a hub for collaboration. This makes it possible for your workers to communicate through audio, video, chat, audio, and web conferences by using their accustomed telephone numbers.

What are the benefits of using Microsoft Teams phone systems?

  • Saves cost by allowing you to replace your office phones with Softphones on PC, Tablet or Smartphone
  • Provides a Full Company phone directory that can be searched by using the person’s name
  • Each user gets a direct dial number
  • You can dial and receive Microsoft Teams calls
  • Instantly add phone contacts
  • Permits click to call phone within any Microsoft Office Apps
  • Provides a remote office experience inside or outside the office

Things to consider when integrating Microsoft Teams with a phone system

Generally, professionals can make calling integration with Teams fairly straightforward for you. But there are some factors you need to consider, such as the location employees will be working from, the devices they’ll use, and how phone numbers work.

  • Your phone system 

When it comes to integrating Teams with VoIP, you need to consider the things that will happen when team members don’t have access to their phones.

You can connect your current PBX system to Microsoft Teams by using a reliable connector that provides the needed middleware and hardware to bridge both systems.

  • The phones to use

In most cases, you can use your current phones to have to call integration with Teams. By doing this, you’ll not have any extra charges for replacing your device. Integration is easier if you use SIP phones.

  • If you’ll work remotely

There are instances when you’ll heavily depend on enabled remote communications. A major example of this is the COVID-19 pandemic that has forced many employees to work from home. Due to this, it is become important to deploy communications and collaboration tools to maintain operations. 

This comes with some challenges, especially connectivity issues. As a result of this, it is recommended that you have a good quality network connection. Ensure that it’s high-speed and has a low latency connection. Do a soft deployment, and test calls to ensure that everything works.

  • Local calls and faxing

Faxing is still an important way to remain connected and share data today. There are fax-to-email and email-to-fax services you can use. When you need to hold team meetings, you’ll have to use conference calls. You can achieve this if you have the conferencing add-on with your licensing. This will give you a regional number for your team members to connect to the call.

  • Best way to set up VoIP

It is best to call a professional to integrate your phone system with Teams. An expert should take care of different aspects of the deployment, evaluate your immediate needs and give you one communication and collaboration platform.

Benefits of combining Microsoft Teams and VoIP

  1. Increases productivity

Integrating Teams in VoIP will keep your workers updated on their mobile devices, PC, tablet, or Mac. They’ll be able to communicate with each other through video conferencing, chat, and team meetings.

Doing this will increase productivity and bring vital business tools into one interface with channels that are easy to use. This makes it easier to locate files, conversations, recordings, and calendars – an important factor in this digital age.

  1. Permits better collaboration

You can use this technology to schedule online meetings, chat with your co-workers, and create an efficient communication link between staff and clients. You have the option of creating a private or group chat whilst sharing documents and co-authoring content.

  1. Enhances mobile usage 

Combining the cloud-based applications of Teams with VoIP works perfectly to provide employees that are working remotely with an easier way to collaborate and communicate. In this digital environment, it is important to remain connected and accessible. 

The integration allows employees to make and receive calls from different devices, such as their PCs, laptops, Macs, and mobile devices. They can also share documents and files from any location by using apps such as OneNote, SharePoint, and Planner. 

  1. Allows customization and integration

Using Teams with VoIP provides you with a wider range of app integrations to help support and grow your company. You’ll be able to provide customized features for your customers and end-users. 

  1. Saves cost and increases ROI

The Total Economic Impact of Microsoft Teams by Forrester Consulting, reports that adoption of this technology can give companies an ROI of up to 832 percent. Team reduces operating costs and improves innovation by instantly aggregating information and freeing up time so employees can focus on other tasks.

Bottom line

Despite the outage that negatively affects the operations of businesses; they heavily depend on tools provided by Microsoft. Microsoft’s and features have significantly evolved over the last few years, with conservative variations and some vital upgrades; the features have exponentially grown. 

When you correctly configure it, you’ll get solutions that can be a real differentiator for your business. It’ll provide enterprise-level capabilities for your employees without breaking your budget. Learn more about Agility Communication’s VoIP solutions today.

FAQs: Microsoft Teams Phone Systems

What are the benefits of using Microsoft Teams phone systems?

  • Saves cost by replacing office phones with softphones on various devices.
  • Provides a full searchable company phone directory.
  • Offers direct dial numbers for each user.
  • Enables making and receiving Teams calls, adding phone contacts, and initiating calls within Microsoft Office apps.
  • Creates a remote office experience for flexible work arrangements.
  • Offers end-to-end encryption for secure communication.
  • Integrates with existing receptionist or IVR functions.

What things should I consider when integrating Microsoft Teams with a phone system?

  • Employee work location and devices: Consider how Teams will be accessed (remotely, on-site) and what devices employees will use (desktops, mobiles, etc.).
  • Phone system: Explore options for connecting your current PBX system to Teams using a reliable connector.
  • Remote work needs: Ensure a high-speed, low-latency internet connection for seamless remote communication.
  • Local calls and faxing: Utilize fax-to-email/email-to-fax services and consider conference call add-ons for meetings.

Who should I contact for setting up VoIP with Teams?

A professional can handle various aspects of deployment, assess your needs, and provide a unified communication and collaboration platform.

What are the benefits of combining Microsoft Teams and VoIP?

  • Increased productivity through improved communication and access to business tools on a user-friendly interface.
  • Enhanced collaboration via online meetings, chat functionalities, and document sharing.
  • Improved mobile accessibility for remote workers, allowing calls, document sharing, and app usage across devices.
  • Customization and integration with various apps to support business growth and provide features tailored to your needs.
  • Cost savings and increased ROI through reduced operating expenses and improved workflows.

Is Microsoft Teams reliable?

While occasional outages can occur, Microsoft Teams offers a robust and dependable platform with continual advancements and feature upgrades. When configured correctly, it can provide significant value to your business at an enterprise-friendly cost.