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Mobile Device Management

What is Mobile Device Management (MDM) and how will it help keep your Organization’s Devices Secure?

It is easy to notice how far technology has advanced. CRT monitor computers have been replaced with slim, weightless laptops, and brick-sized cellular phones have turned into smaller, powerful smartphones. Those new computers and mobile devices are greatly impacting organizations. Recent statistics on the use of mobile devices paint a picture of impressive growth.

In just a few years, the way people use mobile devices has dramatically shifted. Workers bring their mobile devices to their work stations and connect them to secure company networks.

Although workers enjoy the ease and flexibility this offers, they also love the added advantages of more efficiency with fewer equipment costs.

However, this trend comes with some concerns for privacy, connectivity, security, and management. Employees also have different mobile service providers, and their devices have different operating systems.

These risks have made IT departments use mobile device management (MDM) software to monitor, manage, and secure the devices of employees used in the office.

With data and security breaches getting more expensive yearly, MDM tools have become vital to modern businesses. In addition to more technologies, processes, policies, and tools, an MDM solution is an important part of business operations.

Evolution of Mobile Device Management

Mobile device management has continued to advance as more professionals are making use of their devices such as laptops and smartphones to work. As a result of this, there is a rising need for solutions that make it possible for employees to access information at any location and at any time.

Previous solutions mainly focused on devices, without having application and content management. Today, they are now advancing into wider solutions to capture and serve the mobile opportunity better.

What is Mobile Device Management?

Mobile device management (MDM) is the process whereby an organization manages everything regarding the mobile devices of employees. It includes storing vital data about mobile devices, deciding the apps to be present on the devices, locating devices, and securing devices if stolen or lost.

A lot of organizations make use of third-party mobile device management software like Mobile Device Manager Plus for managing mobile devices.

Now, mobile devices have better capabilities than ever before. This has ultimately resulted in a lot of companies adopting mobile-first or mobile-only workforce. In such an environment, both corporate and personal-owned mobile devices are the main devices used for interacting or gaining access to corporate data.

How does MDM Keep Your Organization’s Devices Secure?

With various enterprises embracing cloud-based infrastructure, the ease of using mobile devices has contributed to them replacing conventional desktops.

Mobile device management (MDM) can be seen as the software that makes it possible for IT administrators to control, secure, and enforce policies on tablets, mobile phones, and other endpoints.

MDM is an important part of enterprise mobility management, which also includes access and identity management, management of mobile application, and enterprise file sync and share.

MDM aims to optimize the security and functionality of mobile devices within the organization while protecting the corporate network simultaneously. MDM makes it possible for companies to protect and control devices while lowering business risks and costs of support.

It is the job of the admin to enforce adequate security policies on all the network devices of their organization, no matter who owns those devices.

MDM solutions give IT admins a clear view of the network inventory of their company, including control over security policies and application management of devices. Better control over corporate data in devices, without requiring leaders to handle personal data, maintains both user privacy and data security.

Benefits of Mobile Device Management

When a business needs to get a handle on the mobile devices employees use, a mobile device management platform will be a vital technology to use.

  • Remote Management

The main advantage of mobile device management is that it makes it possible for MSPs to observe and manage portable devices from any location. MDM is created to beat mobile devices at their own game. This reinforces healthy devices and increases those that might require some help.

It also increases network security by making it possible to disconnect some users, even if they are not on company premises. Regulations that have been updated also increases across all mobile devices on the network. This contributes to seamless support and protection.

  • Better Productivity

Mobile device management assists users to become more productive. When they have their devices, MDM makes it possible for them to set up their corporate network faster. This saves time and resources for your organization. To further increase productivity, it is best to implement digital forms to gather and process data and information.

  • Improved Security

With workers traveling often and making use of devices in remote locations, security is more concerning. If a device is lost or stolen, it can lead to serious security implications.

By making use of MDM, administrators can segment the personal information of a user from the corporate data. It makes it possible for them to encrypt vital corporate data. If a device is lost or the employee leaves your company, the corporate data can be remotely erased without harming their data.

  • More Regulatory Compliance

Operating according to IT guidelines and standards is very important to businesses. But it can be hard to ensure that all mobile devices comply because there are a lot of devices to track.

By using mobile device management, regulatory compliance can be managed from one console. This facilitates better protection while working within the legal requirements of the organization.

  • Real-time Support

When you employ the use of MDM, you can remotely see the screen of the devices and give real-time support. Field workers can always send messages and ask questions or ask for information or help.

  • Lowers Expenses

You can cut costs when you use mobile device management software. For instance, you can reduce device purchases, because MDM helps to detect missing or unused devices.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is a new trend that is assisting organizations to lower costs by using the personal devices of employees for work, rather than buying new devices and computers. By using device management software, everything can be centralized and costs can be greatly reduced.


Organizations need a solution to help them manage deployed devices so they can remain on top of their game. Mobile device management offers that solution. With MDM, companies can ensure that their devices and data are protected. They can have an effective communication system.